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See great films for only £3.50 in 2013!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! This is THE perfect time to join FILMBOX and watch a rich and diverse range of films in 2013… on your doorstep!

FILMBOX Membership will entitle you to up to 2 tickets at the 50% discount of only £3.50 per ticket!  In order to receive the maximum discount, you need to become a FILMBOX Member before 29 January 2013.

Membership scheme full benefits and application form here: FILMBOX MEMBERSHIP SCHEME

Amazing value for a social cinema experience, with added ‘special features’ (our bar, local ice cream, short film, intro, top nibbles), without parking charges, popcorn mess and cola slurping, also FILMBOX patrons chat before and after the film, not during! Join now and get a password to book your films in advance on our Ticket Source website (see button to the right) – non-members will be able to book from 10 days before the film.

For full details of our forthcoming programme please look at this website and follow us on Twitter @LangleyFilmbox .

Do come to our January film – My Week With Marilyn – and support our Year 13 student FILMBOX team who will be running the show solo!

We’re very pleased to have chosen some films that have been nominated for next month’s Oscars (Moonrise Kingdom, The Imposter, Beasts of the Southern Wild) and hope to bring you more great films that you’ve only seen on DVD or may have missed altogether.

Remember – films are meant for the big screen and are always better with an audience.

Hope to see you soon – FILMBOX Committee (please remember we are self-funding, non profit-making and run by volunteers)