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See one of the FILMS OF THE YEAR! Theory of Everything booking now @Beckenham

BETTER ON THE BIG SCREEN! Everyone is welcome at FILMBOX – the community cinema on your doorstep. Catch up and make up your own mind about one of the top award-winning films of this year – booking open to all now (link below)!

WEDNESDAY 20 MAYTHE THEORY OF EVERYTHING (cert 12A) – film programme starts 7.30pm, cafe/bar opens 6.40pm.

Retiring collection on behalf of the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Based on Jane Hawking’s book, the film follows her relationship with theoretical-physicist Professor Stephen Hawking.The title refers to Hawking’s quest for an all-encompassing theory of the physical universe, but the pathos of the film is that in ordinary life, not everything can be made to fit and make sense. Compromises must be made; people must muddle through. It is a gentle, tender story of lovers who found friendship during and after their marriage.’ Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian, 1/1/15)




Both films are in our Screen 1 – see below.

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Performance Hall

Our audience in the larger venue the Bromley Hall.
Our audience in the larger venue Screen 1 – the Performance Hall