Can YOU hear the people sing?!

Well, you surely will be able to, as over 340 of you have booked so far to see the magnificent multi-award-winning ‘Les Misérables‘ (Tom Hooper, 2012, Cert 12A, 158mins) on our BIG screen in the magnificent Bromley Hall (but we’re in Beckenham!) this Thursday 16 May!

We still have some good seats left for you (choose your seats by booking online now) –

The DVD is out this week BUT do come and see it on our BIG SCREEN with our GREAT BIG audience FIRST as the film-makers intended in all its glory!

Bring tissues, eat ice cream and enjoy the drama and spectacle of this tremendous production. Ignore any snipes about Russell Crowe’s singing – this is an amazing film realisation of a much-loved musical that actually makes the ‘back story’ easier to understand than the stage version! And it’s BRITISH! PLUS superb sets, real locations, stunning costumes and stand-out performances, especially from Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Samantha Barks, Anna Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne and indeed Crowe himself.

Tickets only £7 for:

– BIG screen entertainment with added special features (a live vocal ensemble overture – 12mins)

– A range of drinks and nibbles and a sociable bar/café area

– Great local ice cream from Simply ice cream in Ashford

– Free film notes

– FREE parking right outside the venue (clean loos and no popcorn mess!).

Refreshments available from 6.30pm, film programme starts at 7.30pm, film starts just before 8pm and evening finishes by 10.40pm with a retiring collection on behalf of the local NSPCC branch.

We do hope you’ll join us at your new local cinema venue! FILMBOX is a ‘not-for-profit’ community venture run and staffed by volunteers – we use profits to support charities, so please support us and enjoy a rich and diverse world of cinema… on your doorstep.

Email us if any queries:

Bring him home…

There are many excellent seats still available for our screening of the multi award-winning film, Les Miserables, (Cert 12A) with added extras, on Thursday 16 May. Come on, you’ll want to see it again by then, won’t you? Enjoy the film again (or catch up if you haven’t seen it yet) with a BIG audience on the BIG screen!

If you have never been before, the view throughout the main performance hall (aka Bromley Hall… even though it’s not in Bromley…) is very good, so don’t be afraid to book the circle or side stalls. We have brought the screen forward so that it can be seen very well from all seats.

We hope you’ll agree that it’s the best new cinema space in the London Borough of Bromley! It really isn’t like coming to a school, but your new local arts centre, and great value too!

Book now at: – allocated seating.

Refreshments are available from 6.30pm, programme begins at 7.30pm with an exclusive live vocal performance of a medley of songs by an ensemble of talented young singers, several of whom featured in the BYMT production of Les Miserables last November. FREE parking, clean loos, great local Produced in Kent drinks and nibbles, no popcorn mess!

Under 16s are welcome, but please note finish time is approx. 10.20/10.30pm.


Great films on your doorstep…

We hope that you’ll come and see more films with us this Spring and Summer and we’re still accepting membership applications – see films for only £3.50 for up to 2 tickets! Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Wed 20 March – The Imposter
  • Wed 24 April – Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • Thur 16 May – Les Misérables (current release)
  • Wed 22 May – Argo
  • Wed 26 June – Hitchcock (Hopkins and Mirren) and Psycho (the original) – double bill!
  • Wed 17 July – Year 12 student team are in charge – film to be announced!

If you are a FILMBOX  member and you’d like to volunteer to be an occasional helper, please email us at LangleyFilmbox@gmail.comyou’ll see the film for free! Plus we need a good strong second team if we’re to go fortnightly from September 2013.

Plus – local businesses, do look at our unique ‘social advertising’ concept and get involved.

Coming to Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts, on the recently rebuilt Langley Park School or Boys site, isn’t like coming to a school, but to YOUR fantastic new local arts complex – we’re right on your doorstep, with clean loos, FREE parking and a nice little cafe featuring local Kentish nibbles and drinks, plus a chance to meet fellow film-goers. Do come and see us!

Booking at:

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