More fun at FILMBOX..!

Here’s what’s coming up soon at FILMBOX –

TONIGHT – a few tickets left for our repeat screening of Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning ARGO’! (in Studio 609) – refreshments from 6.40pm and programme starts at 7.30pm.

MONDAY 3 JUNE – A EXCLUSIVE FREE EVENT – a Q&A with the film-makers of an indie rom-com short THREE DAYS’ being made in Bromley/Beckenham/C London this July! (in Studio 609). Refreshments from 6.40pm and event starts at 7.30pm (finishes 9.30/9.45pm). Meet the co-writers and actors, Vanessa Bailey and Richard Perryman, plus director Darren S Cook and the rest of the team and see teaser trailers and behind-the-scenes footage – follow their film-making journey! Open and FREE to FILMBOX members and non-members alike – strictly limited availability however.

See the ‘making of’ featurette here –

BOOK NOW FOR OUR SPECIAL HITCHCOCK DOUBLE BILL – on Wed 26 June (in our BIG cinema for maximum impact!). Refreshments from 6.30pm, first film (the new ‘Hitchcock’ biopic with Hopkins and Mirren) starts at 7pm, then free food in the interval, followed by the original 1960s ‘Psycho’ (rarely seen on the BIG screen!) just after 9pm and event finishes 11/11.10pm.

NB: All events above are for age 16+ only. Please email for any details/queries –

Only a few tickets left for ‘ARGO’ tomorrow!

Tonight ‘ARGO’ is a sell-out in Studio 609 and tomorrow night (Thurs 23 May) we only have 20 tickets left for our repeat screening of this Oscar-winning film starring (and directed by) Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin and John Goodman. An excellent political thriller based on a true story – don’t miss it on the big screen with a great audience!

Tickets only £7 (non-members) –

Come and enjoy FILMBOX – films are better with an audience!


Based on an improbable true story…

‘ARGO’ is an enjoyably tense and exciting thriller, with great performances from Ben Affleck, John Goodman and Alan Arkin, among others – remember that it scooped the Oscar for Best Picture this year, but perhaps you didn’t get to see it at the time? Come and see it as intended, on a big screen with a great audience! (with added extras, such as ice cream, good bar snacks and drinks)

Ben Affleck in 'Argo'

If you’ve been unable to come to FILMBOX on Wednesdays, we have put on a screening of this popular film especially for you, on THURSDAY 23 MAY (in Studio 609 – our 90 seater space). Wednesday’s screening is already SOLD OUT.

Do come and join us and experience our social cinema experience for yourself. Refreshments available from 6.40pm and film programme starts at 7.30pm.

Tickets available NOW for all at:

Some seats are still available for our screening of ‘Les Miserables’ this Thursday 16 May – with added extras (see posts below) – please book using the link above.

Back to work…bank holiday is over so…

ChEeR  YoUrSeLf  Up!

…by booking tickets NOW for a great film – see Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning ‘ARGO’ at FILMBOX on Thursday 23 May at 7.30pm sharp (start of film programme) – refreshments available from 6.40pm.

FREE film notes, FREE parking, brief introduction and a short film – AND great Simply ice cream – so do book now at:

NB: Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE for our ‘Les Misérables’ evening on Thursday 16 May! Film programme starts at 7.30pm and refreshments are available from 6.30pm.

Whoosh… and then they were gone!

All seats for the Wed screening of ARGO have now been sold!

So… we do hope you can come and see it with us on Thursday 23 May?

If you’ve never been to FILMBOX before, please do come and join us for a friendly, good value evening with a great audience.

Booking details are here:

See you soon and have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

Another chance for a date with Ben Affleck!

OK… now we have your attention, this is to say that due to an unusually high level of demand, we are now offering you a second date to see Ben’s Affleck’s Oscar-winning Best Picture, ‘Argo’, this time on Thursday 23 May (in Studio 609) Refreshments are available from 6.40pm and film programme starts at 7.30pm with a short film, a brief introduction, free film notes and an ice-cream break.

Ben Affleck in 'Argo'

Please book your tickets in the usual way at

Members may book NOW (with their members’ code) and non-members may book from Monday 6 May.

Hope to see you on either the Wed or Thurs for our first repeat screening… we’re beginning to look a lot like a real cinema, aren’t we?

All feedback welcome, so that we can improve our service to you.

We’ll be featuring a new instant rating service at our next film, so you can rate the films you see with us!

Hope to see you soon!

See Films in May at FILMBOX…

Terrific to see a full house for ‘Beasts’ last night and that at least 15 of you had never been before – welcome and we hope you enjoyed it!

We have TWO great films for you in May – ‘Les Miserables’ in the main hall (aka Bromley Hall) with a live musical overture (approx. 12 mins) on Thursday 16 May and Oscar-winning ‘Argo’ on Wednesday 22 May.

‘Les Miserables’ is still booking to everyone NOW and ‘Argo’ is booking to members only until 13 May, after which non-members can book.

Put this date in your diary – Wednesday 26 June – when we’ll have our first double-bill – Hopkins and Mirren in ‘Hitchcock’ followed by the Master’s own ‘Psycho’ from 1960! We’ll be providing you with free food in the interval!

We’ll open our June and July film booking in May.

If you have any feedback from any of our events, especially about how we can improve them, we’d love to hear from you – please email Vivienne at

Coming Soon to FILMBOX…

Here’s what you can see at FILMBOX – your new local Beckenham & Bromley area independent cinema (based at Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts, South Eden Park Road).

Wed 24 April‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ (in Studio 609 – 88 seats) – booking opens to non-members on 15 April (members can book now) – unallocated seats. hushpuppy 1

Thurs 16 May‘Les Misérables’ (in the main performance hall AKA the Bromley Hall – 400+ seats)booking now open to ALL and selling very fast! The view is very good from anywhere in the hall, but seats are allocated so best to book in advance in order to choose your seats.Fantine

Wed 22 May ‘Argo’ (in Studio 609) – booking opens to non-members from 12 May, booking open to members after Easter – unallocated seats.Ben Affleck in 'Argo'

Book your tickets at – refreshments are available from 6.40pm and film programme (usually including a short film and an introduction) starts at 7.30pm.

Open to all the local community great refreshments too with local Kentish nibbles and drinks. We hope to see you soon at FILMBOX!

Great films on your doorstep…

We hope that you’ll come and see more films with us this Spring and Summer and we’re still accepting membership applications – see films for only £3.50 for up to 2 tickets! Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Wed 20 March – The Imposter
  • Wed 24 April – Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • Thur 16 May – Les Misérables (current release)
  • Wed 22 May – Argo
  • Wed 26 June – Hitchcock (Hopkins and Mirren) and Psycho (the original) – double bill!
  • Wed 17 July – Year 12 student team are in charge – film to be announced!

If you are a FILMBOX  member and you’d like to volunteer to be an occasional helper, please email us at LangleyFilmbox@gmail.comyou’ll see the film for free! Plus we need a good strong second team if we’re to go fortnightly from September 2013.

Plus – local businesses, do look at our unique ‘social advertising’ concept and get involved.

Coming to Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts, on the recently rebuilt Langley Park School or Boys site, isn’t like coming to a school, but to YOUR fantastic new local arts complex – we’re right on your doorstep, with clean loos, FREE parking and a nice little cafe featuring local Kentish nibbles and drinks, plus a chance to meet fellow film-goers. Do come and see us!

Booking at:

FILMBOX members have voted for…

Argo – which will be our 22 May screening! Look out for how it does in tonight’s Oscars! Silver Linings Playbook narrowly lost out in our members’ vote but may well pick up some awards tonight.

Ben Affleck in 'Argo'Personally, I think Argo deserves Best Hairdo award for Ben Affleck’s 80’s layered and bearded look! Come to think of it, Bradley Cooper is also sporting a beard in Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper

STOP PRESS – two tickets now available for our screening of Gael Garcia Bernal’s ‘NO’ this Weds – book at £5 non-members, members FREE. Indeed, ‘NO‘ features more ’80s politics and another bearded look!

Gael Garcia Bernal in 'NO'

We’re delighted to say that most of our films so far have been nominated for Oscars and BAFTAs – do book The Imposter in March, Beasts of the Southern Wild in April, Les Misérables and Argo in May and our first double bill, Hitchcock and Psycho (1960 original) in June!

If you’re having your own Oscars’ party tonight – be fabulous! Oh, and here’s another bearded Oscar-nominated superstar… I wonder if you can do a PhD in tonsure in cinema?

'Huge' Jackman

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