You do know… that behind every ‘Psycho’… is a great woman (who rarely gets a movie credit!)?

This Wednesday watch Anthony Hopkins breathe life into his Hitchcock ‘fat suit’ and Helen Mirren as Alma Reville, Hitch’s clever and long-suffering wife in the new ‘Hitchcock’ biopic (Cert 15, 2012, Sasha Gervasi) just out on Blu-Ray this week. Added 1950s glamour courtesy of Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel and Brit James Darcy at Anthony Perkins.

BUT you can see it, as the film-makers intended on the BIG screen with a GREAT audience in the superb new cinema, Bromley Hall, at Langley park Centre for the Perfoming Arts in Beckenham THIS Wednesday 26 June.

PLUS we are following it with the Master of Suspense’s game-changer of a film (and grand-daddy of a horror sub-genre, the Slasher…), ‘Psycho’ (Cert 15, 1960, Alfred Hitchcock) after an interval with FREE snacks to susssstainnnnn you through the thrrrrrrillsssssss!

Café/bar open from 6.30pm and film programme starts at 7pm on the dot, then a 25 min interval then ‘Psycho’, very rarely seen on the BIG screen!

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Only £12 for TWO films, FREE parking right outside the venue, great Simply Ice Cream from Ashford. Free film notes and brief intros – come and try a new local social cinema experience.


FILMBOX is for age 16+ unless stated otherwise – we hope to see you there!


Visit this website for info on both films and the terrific Stephen Rebello book:

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All About Filmbox, fasten your seatbelts…

You can now book the following films in our Summer season and here’s news of our forthcoming FILMBOX Membership offer and our 1st Birthday September film festival… fun for cinephiles in Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham and SE London. areas, based at Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts in Beckenham and open to all.
For trailers and IMDB info – please click on the posters to your right.
Hitchcock (originally a 12A but DVD is Cert 15, 2012) is very witty and full of 1950s glamour and gossip, with great performances, especially by Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, and ‘Psycho’ (Cert 15, 1960), definitely to be seen on the BIG screen, especially after having learnt all about how and why it was made! Remember – free interval snacks, bring friends and PREPARE TO BE THRILLED! Refreshments from 6.30pm, programme starts at 7pm – please note earlier start – finish 11.10pm-ish. Age 16+ only. Allocated seating in the BIG cinema, the Bromley Hall. Book at:  £12 for 2 films
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BIG FILM NIGHT – the Summer Lovin’ Sing-Along ‘Grease’ spectacular is selling fast, with a live all-singing-and-dancing overture.
Refreshments from 6.30pm, programme starts at 7.30pm. Under 16s definitely welcome (Cert PG). Fancy dress competition and MC! Allocated seating in the BIG cinema, the Bromley Hall – selling fast! Book at:  £8.00 adults/£5.00 concessions
The No.1 World cinema hit ‘Les Intouchables (Cert 15) in French with subtitles – life-affirming, poignant and hilarious by turns – one of the year’s MUST SEE films. See it BEFORE Hollywood turns it into its own version (or is this actually ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ updated?!) – any which way we are sure you’ll enjoy this film! In Studio 609 – limited availability. Age 16+ only. Book from 1st July at: £7.00
Monday 1 July – We’re launching our new Membership scheme and Autumn programme and hope very much that you’ll decide to become a member of FILMBOX.
Friday 30 August – We’ll be holding an EXCLUSIVE and glamorous ‘Members’ Only’ (plus 1 guest) special ‘welcome to the new season’ event – so save the date!
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You can see Robert Redford and Mia Farrow in the stunning 1974 version of ‘The Great Gatsby’ – for you to compare with Baz Luhrmann’s recent version starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Thursday 26-29 September – It’s our 1st Birthday and we’ll be celebrating with a spectacular 4-day Film Festival! Full details to follow soon…
AMPLE FREE PARKING FOR THESE EVENTS right outside the venue.
Best wishes and hope to see you very soon – from the FILMBOX team
We are a self-funding ‘not-for-profit’ community cinema club which welcomes non-members – run and staffed by volunteers

The BEST things in life are FREE!


Bring some friends to a fun and exclusive Q&A with the film-makers of a new indie rom-com shortTHREE DAYS’ being made in Bromley/Beckenham/C London this July!

Meet the co-writers and actors, Vanessa Bailey and Richard Perryman, plus director Darren S Cook and the rest of the team and see teaser trailers and behind-the-scenes footage.

Follow their film-making journey! Scenes have already been shot in The Lavender House café in Sundridge Park and feature RED Boutique in Beckenham High Street as well as some iconic London locations.

Vanessa Bailey plays Sophie, a sensible, forty-something woman who finds herself in emotional turmoil over her unexpected and uncharacteristic attraction to a much younger man, played by Richard Perryman.

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Refreshments from 6.40pm and event starts at 7.30pm (finishes 9.00/9.30pm). The event is in Studio 609.

Open and FREE to all – strictly limited availability however, so please book now!

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See the ‘making of’ featurette here


OUR SPECIAL HITCHCOCK DOUBLE BILL – on Wed 26 June (in our BIG cinema for maximum impact!).

Refreshments from 6.30pm, first film (the new ‘Hitchcock’ [Cert12A] a glamorous evocation of 1950s Hollywood with the amazing Hopkins and Mirren about the making of ‘Psycho’ and starring Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh) starts at 7pm, then free food in the interval, followed by the original ground-breaking 1960s ‘Psycho’ [Cert15] (rarely seen on the BIG screen!) just after 9pm and event finishes 11/11.10pm.

A great Facebook page on ‘The Making of Psycho’ – a book by Stephen Rebello –

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Booking for our Hitchcock event opens to non-members on 8 June – only £12 for TWO FILMS and free interval food (not bookable separately) at:

NB: All events above are for age 16+ only. Please email for any details/queries –

Great films on your doorstep…

We hope that you’ll come and see more films with us this Spring and Summer and we’re still accepting membership applications – see films for only £3.50 for up to 2 tickets! Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Wed 20 March – The Imposter
  • Wed 24 April – Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • Thur 16 May – Les Misérables (current release)
  • Wed 22 May – Argo
  • Wed 26 June – Hitchcock (Hopkins and Mirren) and Psycho (the original) – double bill!
  • Wed 17 July – Year 12 student team are in charge – film to be announced!

If you are a FILMBOX  member and you’d like to volunteer to be an occasional helper, please email us at LangleyFilmbox@gmail.comyou’ll see the film for free! Plus we need a good strong second team if we’re to go fortnightly from September 2013.

Plus – local businesses, do look at our unique ‘social advertising’ concept and get involved.

Coming to Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts, on the recently rebuilt Langley Park School or Boys site, isn’t like coming to a school, but to YOUR fantastic new local arts complex – we’re right on your doorstep, with clean loos, FREE parking and a nice little cafe featuring local Kentish nibbles and drinks, plus a chance to meet fellow film-goers. Do come and see us!

Booking at:

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