New Filmbox logo transparentBecome a Member of FILMBOX and share with us a love of watching films on the big screen with a great audience, as the film-makers intended. Currently a Member and a guest pay only £5 each per film! Members can also book tickets for additional guests at a reduced price – PLUS FREE FILMS and socials. Only one person per family needs to be a Member. Non-members are very welcome as always.

Our 2019 ‘taster’ Membership (Jan-July 2019) offer has now ended but you can join us from July 2019 for the start of our next full membership year in September 2019 (which runs to July 2020).

Keep an eye on our box office and see what films we have coming up here – this will be updated as licences become available:

  • If you’d like to join the regular helper or Committee team, you need to be a member – please email us to register your interest
  • Members who are helpers get to see films for FREE!
  • Please subscribe to this website or email us at and you’ll automatically receive our news.

Members’ Area


Our 5th AGM was on 28 March 2019 and the film was ‘STAN & OLLIE’ and members attending the AGM enjoyed free wine and nibbles.

In March 2018, after our 4th AGM, the film was ‘MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS’; members attending the AGM enjoyed free wine and nibbles. Our 3rd AGM was on 16 March 2017 followed by a screening of ‘HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE’. In 2016 our AGM was followed by a screening of ‘BROOKLYN’. In 2015, our 1st AGM was followed by a screening of ‘THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL’. Only the designated Member may vote at the AGM.

Image result for stan and ollie film poster


Brooklyn-Poster-2  grand-budapest-hotel-quad-poster


  • FILMBOX Community Cinema Constitution: available on request. Ratified at AGMs 2015 & 2018: copy sent to all Members.
  • FILMBOX accounts and accompanying documents: these are circulated to all members before the AGM.
  • AGM Minutes: these are emailed to all members after AGM.

Films are always BETTER ON THE BIG SCREEN with a great audience like YOU!

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