Audience Feedback 2012/13

Here are some quotes from various patrons and visitors to FILMBOX that we have received since our launch in September 2012

‘FILMBOX is a very exciting venture in providing a high value film experience to its local audiences. The whole offer from the film content, to the website and marketing, to the physical experience is really well thought through. It makes a huge contribution to growing film audiences in South London and providing what audiences want in a venue that they love. It is a great example of how to use a school to build a film society that works for educational, enterprise and community benefit. Well done!’ Mandy Berry (Joint Chief Executive, Cinegi) – May 2013

‘As Chair of the School’s governors I am delighted that we can host FILMBOX, through our magnificent new facilities of 2 theatres and our foyer areas, which through the creative efforts of the FILMBOX team, not only provide great films but also enable first class locally sourced refreshments to be provided in the bar.  As if that was not enough, the opportunities for live music provided by school musicians greatly enhance the entertainment value, offering to the local community, high quality, high value and low cost entertainment on a regular basis. Geraldine and I saw “The Artist” and “Skyfall” here, and are looking forward to “Les Miserables” and other films in the forthcoming programme.  May you thrive and grow!’ Charlie Grimble (Chair LPSB Governors) – April 2013

‘FILMBOX is a unique and creative initiative which has had a huge impact upon the cultural life of the Sixth Form and the school. Sixth Form students have had the opportunity to take on high levels of responsibility and leadership in the running of this community cinema, developing their organisational and entrepreneurial skills, whilst also sharing their passion for film. The FILMBOX project, and its links to other local organisations, has enabled students to work collaboratively with fellow students, teachers and others in the local community. FILMBOX has been a great success and the Sixth Form management team look forward to seeing it continue to grow.’ Anna Siddell (Asst Headteacher LPSB/Director of Sixth Form) – April 2013

‘A FILMBOX night is a world away from the standard multiplex experience. Here there are no discarded boxes of popcorn and cola bottles on the floor, and a half-bored audience texting each other. This is cinema for people who enjoy their film, but don’t expect a white sheet strung up at the back of a draughty hall; FILMBOX is a seriously state of the art concern with comfy tiered seating and a high spec screen’. Annette Richardson (Learning & Participation Programme Manager, Somerset House, London) – March 2013

‘We really enjoyed the screening and you’ve built up a fantastic film society in an incredibly short space of time!’ Danny Jeremiah (Kinopto, London) – March 2013

‘Thank you for the screening yesterday – another really enjoyable well-organised evening. We really appreciate all the work you do.’ A.B. – March 2013

‘I’m a film buff and am so pleased to see that you have a new independent cinema in Beckenham..  and your ethos seems so brilliant…  Wow!  I used to work at Channel 4 when independent film was highly valued in a department that  promoted independent films. So well done and congrats. Brave and brilliant move…’ S.D. – March 2013

‘Nights such as at FILMBOX are the future of independent and local cinema.’ Chris Waywell (Chief Sub-Editor, Time Out magazine, London) – February 2013

‘FILMBOX is a great concept, bringing the local community together – an entertaining event and an opportunity to interact with a guest for a food-related local business…the choice of films is great too!’ Stephen Harrington from (Harrington’s Kitchen cookery school, Beckenham) – January 2013

‘I attended the recent launch (‘The Artist’ was fantastic – and Laurence Panter’s piano accompaniment to ‘Back Stage’ sublime) via a friend who was much better organised than me…So, can you please add me to your mailing list!’ C.B. – October 2012

‘I came to the launch this evening, and really enjoyed it, spectacular screen and great film! Please add me to your mailing list and send me details of membership and future productions. Many thanks and congratulations for a wonderful launch!’ P.S. – September 2012

‘Well done for last night I hope this new venture is a great success, I thoroughly enjoyed it!” G.B. – September 2012

‘I just wanted to say what a fantastic evening and thank you to all involved. Was great as an ex-student to revisit the school and see how far the school has come and grown, and secondly to see an amazing film that I wouldn’t have normally have watched. I’m very interested in becoming a member so please do add me to the mailing list and keep me updated.L.S. – September 2012

‘I would just like to thank the FILMBOX team for a very enjoyable evening and applaud the staff and student volunteers involved. It was very impressive. I wish you every success.’ L.H. – September 2012

‘To all who were involved, firstly a big well done and thank you! Having heard about the pop-up cinema via Twitter I was somewhat intrigued as to where and what I might expect.  Gathering the interest of 5 friends we decided we should a) support a local event and b) what else were we going to be doing on a Wednesday night! Having dashed straight from work we were looking forward to the prospect of a drink and food, but found the nibbles not quite as hunger-satisfying as hoped.  Very impressed with the bar’s selection of drinks and ‘prices’ though. The general atmosphere and clientelle was what I had hoped, despite my husband and two of the party being Langley boys themselves almost 10 years ago, we hoped we would be neither the oldest nor the youngest and so were very satisfied. Again, it was an adventure into the unknown as to how this cinema experience may differ from popping to the local Odeon or Vue Ccnema, and the ‘taster film’ ‘Back Stage’ was a wonderful start to the evening.  A film I had not heard of or probably would have stumbled upon but was captivated by it and felt taken back in time watching it with the live musical accompaniment – special commendations to Laurence Panter!! I had not got round to seeing ‘The Artist’, but had heard of its praise and Oscar wins but was not sure if I would enjoy the film.  Well, like Stefan Kopczynski, I am so glad to have seen it and to have had my eyes and ears opened to what it offered. I agree with Vivienne Clark’s comments about films are for sharing, and last night really proved that – to laugh, sigh, sit on the edge of your seat, all together.  The space in which the ‘cinema’ was, was fabulous; such a big screen, good quality projection, and so great to be able to hold that many people… I really do hope you receive much praise and appreciation for last night & I know that my group of friends are interested in the future of FilmBox and await with interest as to your membership scheme.’ L.R. – September 2012

‘My wife and I very much enjoyed the screenings last night, especially the  Buster Keaton with piano accompaniment. Please put us on your e-mail list and send us membership details etc. in due course.’ C.J. – September 2012

‘We are delighted to hear that FILMBOX has kicked off with so much success – well-deserved – and I’m sure that it took a lot of work to get it this far.  Certainly all the friends we brought thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were so impressed by the idea and the event.  So we look forward to hearing about the next stage…’ S.D. – September 2012

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