Audience Feedback 2013/14

FILMBOX Community Cinema – 2013/14 is our second year of operation

This audience feedback was solicited in June and July 2014

  • Langley Filmbox is a hit with me and my friends – a great choice of films, friendly faces, reasonable bar prices and a chance to meet up and discuss the films. We have no irritating rustling of popcorn, just delicious locally made ice-cream, served by friendly sixth formers.  Films are always introduced by those in the know, and a bonus is the tie-ins with free food provided by local businesses, along with musical intros, all in comfortable, clean surroundings!  Looking forward to the annual film festival … (S.S.)
  • Fantastic local club showing films at great prices, in an excellent venue, the match of many a commercial cinema. Eclectic mix of films and other events, like a BBFC presentation throwing light on the complexities and oddities of classification. Pre-screening introductions to the films are always an education and a joy, especially those allowing the 6th form and other pupils to showcase their talents whilst illuminating elements of the films, e.g the soundtrack. And the extra little touches – snow falling in the auditorium at the closing credits of ‘White Christmas’ – Magical! (B. C.)
  • Too tired to go up to town to see a wider range of films? Missed the films you really wanted to see? Slumped alone in front of a DVD at home again? Spent all your money on the children? Don’t go out any more? Feeling that the ‘burbs are a cultural desert? Then Filmbox is definitely for you! Informative, intelligent, imaginative film programming for grown-ups, plus a great social vibe… and no mounds of spilt popcorn to climb over. (W.M)
  • It’s a great night out at a great welcoming venue. No mobile phones, no popcorn, no ads for plastic hot dogs and over-carbonated drinks. You can enjoy the film, the audience, the decadent ice cream, all in a modern environment and feel good about making use of a fantastic community facility. I like Filmbox because I get the opportunity to see films that would have passed me by. I can see a film at a reasonable price that is outside my comfort/knowledge zone but never disappoints. Keep up the good work and carry on stretching my imagination! Jan
  • Filmbox is a must for all film buffs. Filmbox brings together members of our local community and collectively transforms them into another world, allowing people to share experiences and ideas. The conversations and friendships that the films provoke are just as important as what is actually shown on the screen, and the fantastic variety of films that are shown means there is always something for everyone. The introductions to the films brilliantly whet the appetite. A fantastic venue, friendly staff, and a superb choice of wonderfully flavoursome ice creams make Filmbox a brilliant night out. (Steve Parsons, Headteacher of Langley Park School for Boys)
  • There’s no greater treat than an evening at our top class community cinema. Manned by volunteers who are as passionate about film as the directors who create them, films are selected for their unique interest to us, the audience, rather than purely to drive numbers into seats. We are lovingly introduced to each film as if a masterpiece or fine wine to be savoured and relished. We may be treated to a musical, dance, culinary or poetic pre-cinematic feast. The resulting whole is a true synergistic experience in which we are treated like real guests by our hugely appreciated hosts. (C.M.)


Approachable staff and personnel

No parking problems

Good value

Lovely venue

E-mails frequent and informative

Yell it from the rooftops – it`s brilliant!

Films for everyone


Like-minded audiences

Makes movies more accessible

Bar prices competitive

Opportunity to see new films locally

Xcellent facilities (J.B.)

  • Langley Filmbox has brought another dimension into our lives. My husband and I although feeling that we should make the effort to go and see more films at a regular cinema, never have been able to achieve it somehow. Since we joined Filmbox we now find that seeing films that we would never have considered, being more informed by the way the organisers present information prior to the showing and immediately before the event, has made us keener to attend even when we have little prior knowledge of a director or producer. (S.D.)
  • The added bonus, on top of the films, and partly the reason we enjoy it so much is that we have re-acquired friends from the community that we had lost touch with, can enjoy the social side and the lovely delicacies that are also on offer… and those ice creams to die for. It is a brilliant idea run by some equally brilliant staff, pupils and volunteers from the school – long may it continue! (M.D.)
  • I really would recommend Filmbox to my friends and family and have done on several occasions! We have had girly nights, date nights, Mother and Daughter nights, sibling nights and my favourite of all – family nights where my 18 and 21 year old son and daughter have come with us too! It is such a treat to see films we might not otherwise have watched. My favourite was the ‘White Christmas’ with my Daughter, Sister and Sister-in-law. Yes, we did all play in the snow! We all feel part of something good. I love it! Kind regards – The M. family
  • Where do you get to see: great films; a variety of knowledgeable speakers to introduce the films with pertinent and sometimes challenging information; occasional musical introductions with staff and students from the school; select local ice creams; a chance to catch up with old and new friends; and all run by students from the school’s Media Department … Langley Filmbox – that’s where. (J.L.)
  • Langley Filmbox has become a much valued addition to the entertainment available in our area. The very personal service by all the amazing helpers of all ages, especially the older school pupils and teachers, make it a very special experience.  There is always an additional item to enhance the film, and these vary as much as the films themselves. The evening is not just a visit to the cinema, but a whole new experience.  The opportunity to sample locally supplied food and drink has made me aware of many shops in the area.  The summer sing-along and BBQ, the live music and dance and raffle all excellent. (H.G.)
  • Because it’s local, excellent value for money and shows quality films! It’s also run by young local people who are developing their skills and interests while at the same time helping to build a sense of community, and utilising and opening up a local asset to the wider community. The parking is free and the whole experience makes for a chilled, enjoyable and relaxing night out! (S.R.)
  • The films we have seen have been great. Staff/Volunteers very welcoming. It definitely feels like a family when you go to a film.  Prices so much better than going to the local cinema. Have recommended it to people in our road definitely going to renew our membership this year.  (S.J.)
  • I recommend Filmbox because of its eclectic mix of films allowing me to catch up on those I’ve missed, those I’ve never heard of and those I’ve tried to hide from. An education and a pleasure every evening. (P.J.)
  • Filmbox at Langley Park School for Boys regularly shows a great variety of films, at reasonable cost, in a beautiful, newly-created theatre. I love meeting friends in the bar before the film, entering (and sometimes winning!) the raffles, and I adore the delicious ice-cream and free food tasters which often tempt us as part of the tie-ins with local businesses.  I am looking forward to our 2nd birthday film festival, when lots of free films will be shown.  Films are always given an in-depth introduction, and regular newsletters tempt me to see films I wouldn’t otherwise have dreamt of seeing! (S.S)
  • Since the advent of Langley Film Box going to the cinema has become a pleasure again. I had pretty much given up on commercial cinemas for many reasons including the ticket price, extortionate prices of a poor choice of unhealthy drinks and snacks, anti-social behaviour of some filmgoers and far too many adverts. (N.B.)
  • Filmbox provides a vastly superior experience; an excellent range of films, welcoming and enthusiastic volunteer staff, chatting with other filmgoers in a bar with a decent choice of reasonably priced drinks and snacks, special events such as free food tasting from local enterprises, music and dance introductions by very talented pupils, informative programmes supplemented by a short oral introduction just before the showing. Also an excellent choice of short films, which commercial cinemas rarely show nowadays. Last but not least there are the raffles, in which I have had the good fortune to have won a prize a few times! (M.A.)
  • I have been delighted with my Filmbox membership, which has transformed my cinema experience. I get a wonderful choice of films to watch in a comfortable venue with easy access and great facilities, an interesting short talk about the film or the director, a chance to see locally made short films, musical intros, raffles and free food, delicious ice creams and a really warm and enthusiastic community feeling. Thank you Filmbox! (E. S.)
  • Where to start? Filmbox is so much more that a cheap film venue, although that’s great! It’s extending the use of fantastic school facilities to benefit us locally, sharing lovely 6th formers and teacher’s skills e.g. explaining film music through demonstrations. I’ve really enjoyed the ‘short’ before the film; it brings a deeper knowledge and understanding. The social side is great too, bumping into friends over a drink before, so very civilised! No popcorn mess! Quality refreshments! Local businesses showcasing their products! I’m looking forward to my first free Film Festival experience soon, there’s bound to be a party atmosphere! Kind regards, M.G.
  • My local community cinema provides our area with a unique and welcoming film-watching environment, allowing local people to share in their love of cinema. The film selection is always spot-on, giving us access to films that the multiplexes don’t show. It’s staffed by passionate volunteers and, as it’s based at a school, involves the next generation of cinema-goers in selling popcorn & ice-cream. There is a real buzz generated by the additional perks of being a member like live performances and relevant shorts accompanying the feature film as well as introductions giving real context & insight. (S.W.)
  • It’s a great place to see popular, and sometimes not so popular but equally good films that we would probably not otherwise think about watching, in a relaxed atmosphere, without the additional half an hour of adverts, trailers, munching, talking, comings and goings of a large cinema. (A.D.)
  • Langley Filmbox is great, close to home, easy parking, recently released films with interesting shorts and introductions. Sublime ice cream, comfy seats and a such a nice way to spend an affordable evening with local people! (J.S.)
  • Why I enjoy the experience of Filmbox
  • Selection and variation of films.
  • Brief introduction about the film.
  • Often a short film before the main film.
  • The environment is welcoming.
  • People, usually sixth formers, are happy to show you to your seat.
  • An opportunity beforehand to enjoy chatting to friends and colleagues whilst enjoying pre-film refreshments.
  • Prompt start of performance.
  • Enjoyable refreshments immediately before the film, which are supplied by local firms who enjoy the publicity and thus improve their sales.
  • Reasonably priced tickets.
  • Perfect seating plan so that everyone has a good view. (MLG)
  • …because it shows a very good selection of the best films, ancient and modern in a high quality auditorium in a friendly atmosphere. (MH)
  • Filmbox to us is a feel-good night out. It’s a very local venue with a chance to relax after a long working day. The chance to see films that ‘we just didn’t get around to’ at a very reasonable cost is wonderful. We love meeting friends in the bar before the film and of course often sampling local produce is a real bonus. The honeycomb ice cream has got to be the best in the whole world!! The raffle is a little added extra and fun. Staff are all friendly and knowledgeable about the films. The range of films has generally been very good offering something for everyone. The early finish also appeals to us work weary! (M. P.)
  • The small cinema provides a great opportunity to see a whole range of interesting films within a community atmosphere of co-operative people. Refreshments at the start add to a pleasant social atmosphere. In addition to this there is some explanation about the films and some useful information given prior to the showing of the film. These additions to the film make it informative and a pleasant social setting. I am grateful to the people who run it and the volunteers who help. It is far more enjoyable than going to a commercial cinema and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves cinema. (AM.F.)
  • Having the opportunity to view recent films locally in such a friendly and professional environment is great. The added extras such as the performances and singing which relate to the film really makes a special evening of it. I am able to book in advance which is good when taking my mother as she does not want to go up too many steps. Many thanks, C.D.
  • Why would you recommend your film society/community cinema to friends and family? Quite simply because it would probably revive their interest and enjoyment of film, as I have found it has mine. The choice of films are perhaps not ones I would have gone to the cinema to see but I have found that the expertise of Filmbox does not disappoint.  The cafe, to meet up with friends, the newsletter, for background to the films and the introductory talks are such a bonus.  Thank you Filmbox, you are brilliant. (S.S.)
  • I like to watch films with friends, so coming to a community film club means I am killing two birds with one stone – making new friends and watching movies with them. (J.T.)
  • Filmbox is dynamic, ambitious, community-based and fun! (PCJ)
  • I would recommend Filmbox to friends and family because: it’s a great local venue to see films that you didn’t get to see at the cinema (and unusual films I might never see otherwise) ; it’s cheaper than the cinema but you still get the big screen experience; it’s a local community cinema, so you are bound to bump into people you know; I can walk or cycle there and there is lots of free parking if I do drive; there is a great free film festival each year as a thank you to members – (LDF)
  • I just love Filmbox. It is a community cinema organised and run by a group of enthusiastic film buffs.  Instead of just watching the movie and stuffing popcorn I am given all sorts of background information about the directors, the way the movie is filmed and obtain all sorts of insights that I would never have noticed before.  I have watched movies that I would never normally see and loved them. I meet up with friends there and we have cried, groaned and laughed out loud.  And the parking is free! (LP)
  • Our FILMBOX Community Cinema is a little goldmine: It’s welcoming, local and extremely great value. We are tempted by the latest films and those films we hadn’t thought that we’d want to see. All evenings are enjoyable, facilities are great, volunteers exceptionally proud to be there and all films are knowledgably introduced by the very lovely and enthusiastic Vivienne. Some evenings are even introduced by the young people of LPSB in verse, music or dance! We are already looking forward to the new season – a great perk to the end of summer and back to school! (PG)
  • Because (a) it does more than just showing good films – it adds to the film going experience by having talks, musical accompaniments and social events (b) it has a great community feel and supports local businesses and (d) it’s good value for money. (MN)
  • I would recommend Langley Filmbox to friends and family because… It is local so easily walkable. It has a very friendly atmosphere and has a bar with snacks often themed to match the film showing. There is usually a relevant add on for example a short film, musical presentation, talk or similar – which enhances and informs the main presentations. The film notes are very interesting and informative. It’s great watching a film with a small appreciative audience with no talking, rustling or popcorn and hotdog smells! The films shown are very varied and encourage you to see films you might not have considered before. (RL)
  • Filmbox at Langley Park Boys School is a very friendly society showing films of all sorts. I particularly like the surprising short shorts that may be shown at the start of the evening.  It is also good to have a reasonable level of sound – it is most off-puttingingly loud in the usual run of cinemas.  Other factors in favour are the proximity of the venue, the wide choice of films and the reasonable cost so that one can take a chance on discovering a gem of a film when least expected. (JP)

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