Become a Member 2 can see films for £5 each @Beckenham #Bromley @se20magazine #community #betteronbigscreen

See our FILMBOX Membership details here and join up ready for our first Autumn films on 8 September 2016:

From September, we will be showing TWO FILMS per FILMBOX night as we have TWO cinema screens – more choice & great value.

Here’s our September & October films… free off-street parking, keenly-priced bar, local ice creams, friendly faces and no popcorn mess – social cinema for grown-ups. Films are better on the big screen, with a great audience, as the film-makers intended. Members can buy 2 tickets for £5 each. Open to non-members £8/5.– Beckenham, Kent/SE London.

The Revenant - use Mustang - use Trumbo - use Son of Saul - use Sing Street portrait The Witch - Use Love & Friendship hat Rams white

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