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How FAR will you GO to see an Oscar-winning Coen Bros black comedy? Next Wed 24/9/14 in Beckenham!

We LOVED the recent ‘Fargo’ spin-off TV series with Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton…

But the original Coen Bros film FARGO (Cert 18) came first (in 1996) and is certainly best! Bar opens 6.40pm, free parking, film programme starts at 7.30pm.

A snowy tale of desperate deeds by desperate men – set in Minnesota, the Coen’s home state – less a film noir, more a film blanc and definitely a very black comedy with some unbelievably and simultaneously funny and gruesome scenes!

Trailer here:

Book tickets here: – OVER 18s ONLY, the film will be screened in our studio cinema (unallocated seats).


William H Macy as Jerry Lundegaard, a desperate car saleman, Frances McDormand as intrepid pregnant cop Marge Gunderson and Steve Buschemi as Carl, a verrrrry unlucky crook…


fargo-macy fargo14 Fargo-Carl


‘There’s more to life than a little money’, says Marge… How right she is…

Find out more about the multi award-winning Coen Bros and their films here:




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