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End-of-2nd-year ‘school’ report for FILMBOX community cinema – take a look at what we did in 11 months!

Here’s the ‘skinny’ on how we’ve done at FILMBOX in our second year 2013-2014:

  • If you had been a member, two of you could have seen each of these films below for £5 each or less…. you would have ‘broken even’ on your membership fee after seeing only six films (plus received a free drink every sixth with our loyalty card).
  • So get on board with our membership discount scheme this year! Email us to be added to our mailing list to receive details of our next membership drive for September…
Filmbox patrons enjoying Simply ice cream in the Studio 609 cinema.
Filmbox patrons enjoying Simply ice cream in the Studio 609 cinema.
Our audience in the larger venue the Bromley Hall.
Our audience in the larger venue the                 Bromley Hall

grand-budapest-hotel-quad-poster  Paths-of-Glory-poster-1020529124

  • We decided to go fortnightly in our second year – that should mean 22 films in 11 months, but we had such fun (and you seemed to be enoying it too!), that we programmed an extra TEN FILMS!

war horse  Rush

  • So that’s a grand total of 32 films in 11 months, in a variety of genres, from various times and from different countries! Plus lots of short films…

some like it hot 1959 Blue Jasmine

  • We more than doubled the number of members who paid to become a part of FILMBOX – members had two ‘vote-offs’, one for Halloween and one for Valentine’s Day – ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ and ‘Some Like it Hot’ won!

PHILOMENA-movie-poster-226x300  12-years-a-slave-quad

  • We programmed SIX FREE EVENTS: 4 free films at our 1st Birthday festival (‘Ponyo’, ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ outdoor sing along), 1 free talk by the BBFC, a free WW1 film ‘Paths of Glory’ – plus a nearly free film, ‘Cinema Paradiso’ (only £1 to members).

  7 Psychos

untitled (8)  Once poster

  • We held our 1st Birthday film festival and over 600 local people came in 3 days!

vertigo  Behind the Candelabra - December

  • Our biggest audiences were for: ‘White Christmas’, preceded by live a capella singers, ‘Just Voices’ and ending with a sprinkling of  ‘snow’ on the audience; ‘Philomena’; ‘Blue Jasmine’; Gravity’, ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘West Side Story’. Showing big films like these help subsidise less popular, but highly regarded, ‘smaller’ films.

buster birch  The Great Gatsby - FREE 5pm

  • Some of our highest appreciation indexes were for ‘little’ films, such as ‘Robot & Frank’, ‘Mud’, ‘Behind the Candelabra’, ‘Once’ and ‘The Selfish Giant’ and clearly, you love our classics and musical strands!

arsenic  BBFC_logo

  • We had a night of silent film and jazz, with a live jazz quartet accompanying Buster Keaton’s ‘Sherlock Junior’.

ponyo poster  Robot & Frank

  • Box Office: Ticket Source sales – up three-fold to 2989 (Sept. 2012-July 2014 – this doesn’t include tickets sold/given by other means).

Mud poster  sunshine

  • We have continued our ‘special features’ to add value to our patrons’ cinema-going experience and have been treated to an insight into the soundtrack music for ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Cinema Paradiso’, from a musician’s point of view.

american hustle  gravity-movie-poster-13

  • We’ve had talenetd students from Langley Park Boys School introducing several films with song, dance and music, eg ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Cinema Paradiso’, plus some Rabbie Burns in poetry and song for Hogmanay, beofre ‘Sunshine in Leith’.

west side poster  Cinema-Paradiso

  • We have had some brand new documentary films, ‘A Story of Children and Film’,  ‘Act of Killing’, ‘The Village at the End of the World’ and ‘RealLife’.

The-Act-of-Killing-Movie-Poster-Large  a story

InRealLife_Dogwoof_Documentary_Quad_Poster_300_224_85  village_at_the_end_of_the_world_2012_poster_2

  •  We have acquired a terrific team of A level students who help with all aspects of front of house to selling ice creams and writing film reviews for our programme notes. This volunteer work counts towards their Duke Of Edinburgh awards as well as giving them a ‘live’ business project to work on, work alongside adults and deal with the public and provide something unique to write about in their UCAS personal statement for university entry.

  • Our venue obtained a full licence to sell alcohol and we extended our bar and concessions offer.

Chapel Down  moors_main


  • We joined Film Hub London to add to our membership of Cinema for All and Bromley Arts Council.


  • We went to our first Cinema for All (formerly British Federation of Film Societies) conference and told our ‘getting started’ story! And we won an award ‘Commended’ for ‘Best New Film Society’. We also went to a Film London course to learn all about engaging our audience and marketing.


  • We continued our relationship with local food businesses and were delighted to have had screenings sponsored by ‘Sponge Kitchens’ in Beckenham/Hayes/Downham, ‘Drunken Dairy’, ice cream for grown ups and bespoke cake-makers ‘The House of A’ in Catford.

  house of a 4

Drunken Diary

  • We used surplus profits to develop our FILMBOX brand and make our patrons experience more professional at front of house and in the bar. We also were able to buy some resources for Langley Park School for Boys’ Performing Arts Dept.

lpsb crest  cropped-lpcpa-logo

  • So all in all we hope you agree that it’s a thumbs up for FILMBOX and we hope you’ll join us this September for our third year – we have lots more planned!
A thumbs up for FILMBOX!
A thumbs up for FILMBOX!

FILMBOX Community Cinema is a not-for-profit, fully self-funding venture based at Langley Park School for Boys in Beckenham, Kent (London Borough of Bromley) entirely run and staffed by volunteers, for the love of film and the very best way to share it… the cinema!


See our  provisional Autumn programme 2014 here: 


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Founded in September 2012 to provide a wider film programme than available in local commercial cinemas, at good value prices for grown-ups, with a sociable community atmosphere and a licensed bar. We are a not-for-profit community cinema with a membership, open to non-members too. Run by dedicated and energetic volunteers.

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