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Bring him home…

There are many excellent seats still available for our screening of the multi award-winning film, Les Miserables, (Cert 12A) with added extras, on Thursday 16 May. Come on, you’ll want to see it again by then, won’t you? Enjoy the film again (or catch up if you haven’t seen it yet) with a BIG audience on the BIG screen!

If you have never been before, the view throughout the main performance hall (aka Bromley Hall… even though it’s not in Bromley…) is very good, so don’t be afraid to book the circle or side stalls. We have brought the screen forward so that it can be seen very well from all seats.

We hope you’ll agree that it’s the best new cinema space in the London Borough of Bromley! It really isn’t like coming to a school, but your new local arts centre, and great value too!

Book now at: – allocated seating.

Refreshments are available from 6.30pm, programme begins at 7.30pm with an exclusive live vocal performance of a medley of songs by an ensemble of talented young singers, several of whom featured in the BYMT production of Les Miserables last November. FREE parking, clean loos, great local Produced in Kent drinks and nibbles, no popcorn mess!

Under 16s are welcome, but please note finish time is approx. 10.20/10.30pm.


By langleyfilmbox

Founded in September 2012 to provide a wider film programme than available in local commercial cinemas, at good value prices for grown-ups, with a sociable community atmosphere and a licensed bar. We are a not-for-profit community cinema with a membership, open to non-members too. Run by dedicated and energetic volunteers.