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Is George Osborne ‘The (real) Imposter’?

Surely there is no significance in our (completely accidental) scheduling of The Imposter on Budget Day 2013?

Whatever the news given by the Chancellor this Budget Day, don’t stay glued to the TV to watch the usual pundits fulminate on fiscal policy and cliffs, how much worse off we’ll all be and whether we are in a triple dip recession or just scuddering along the flat bottom of our zombie economy.

Get out of the house (save electricity!), be sociable and get your teeth stuck into a great film (far more thrilling than Snow, Paxman and Robinson put together) with a great audience! Cafe opens 6.40pm, film programme at 7.30pm.

We have a great short and an intro to the film by Colin Napthine, one of the other members of the FILMBOX committee (acting).

Digital copy of The Imposter kindly arranged by Kinopto – Cinema on Demand –

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(Please note that the views of this writer do not necessarily represent the views of the FILMBOX committee or its members…)

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