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You said YES to ‘NO’!

Thank you so much to the FILMBOX patrons who emailed their responses to our screening of Larraín’s current film, ‘NO’, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, which we showed on Wed 27 February.

Here are some extracts:

  • Absolutely fantastic!   Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Great Spanish practice and I learnt a lot about the Chilean regime.   Also enjoyed the film as “a film”.  I teach Spanish to adults and with enough notice would bring my students along too. Looking forward to the next Spanish, French, Italian or any other foreign film.
  •  I thought it was a bit slow to start but once it got going I really enjoyed it and found it interesting. Thought the main character was quite detached and was surprised the film wasn’t driven more by him.
  • Despite wondering whether I would enjoy this film (as it was political) my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought provoking, educational and totally absorbing throughout. Been telling friends about Pinochet’s ejection from power through the media campaign. Very pleased we saw the film. The subtitles ran rather quickly though!
  • The film itself was an eye-opener as to what it must have been like in Chile while Pinochet (and his supporters) were in charge – Don’t know if I would be right in likening it to the German experience leading up to WWII and possibly other dictatorships I suppose.
  • I did find the nicely sized subtitles rather difficult to read in the time they were on screen and disconcerting when the camera seemed to be moving back and forth so much behind them, however I imagine it had to be weighed against the cost of dubbing.  Don’t know how faithful it was to the crude language that was implied. Don’t think I would want to see a film in a foreign language with subtitles unless it was factual. It is difficult to appreciate the film as a whole when having to read at the bottom.
  • We all knew the end (result) of the film, but it is still a tense, atmospheric journey.  As much a documentary as political thriller, it was a film of fine acting and the cuts to real news items and original film were seamless and enthralling.  Garcia Bernal…….  what more can I say?!  Excellent film – thank you.  Now just have to go back and see the earlier films from the trilogy!
  • Thought the film was very interesting and very well put together as it gave really gave a good insight into an aspect of history I knew little about. Well done for showing films like this.

We’d like to include a poll of how you’ve scored the films we’ve shown so far but need to find a good way to do this… any ideas?

Thanks to those FILMBOX members who have volunteered as helpers for FILMBOX future screenings – we’d still be very grateful for some more help (and you’ll see the film for free!).

Please email us with any thoughts and comments:

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