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See new BAFTA nominated films soon at FILMBOX!

Today the 2013 BAFTA award nominations were announced.  Take a look at this BFI article which lists the nominations:

Our forthcoming features, The Imposter and Beasts of the Southern Wild are among the nominees and Moonrise Kingdom, which many of you saw in November, is also nominated.  Click the film posters on the right to be linked to IMDB where you can access info on the films and see trailers.

Thanks to those of you who have already signed up for FILMBOX membership – do so by 29 January 2013 to get the best discount which means that you and a friend will only pay £3.50 for a proper cinema experience, with social ‘special features’!

By langleyfilmbox

Founded in September 2012 to provide a wider film programme than available in local commercial cinemas, at good value prices for grown-ups, with a sociable community atmosphere and a licensed bar. We are a not-for-profit community cinema with a membership, open to non-members too. Run by dedicated and energetic volunteers.

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I’m tempted to join but would like a longer list of what’s coming up. I intend to use Langley Filmbox to watch films with the kids but of the upcoming three, two are age-unsuitable (15) … Any chance of a longer list, till June maybe?

Also, how strict is the entrance policy, e.g. bringing an 8-year-old to see a 12 and a 12-y-o to see a 15?

Hi – thanks very much for your interest. Filmbox is designed as a 16+ community cinema club, BUT we will have occasional screenings to which all ages are welcome, subject to the film’s certificate. Eg Our Dec film was ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and we advertised it to all ages. We’ll be showing the current release of ‘Les Mis’ in the Spring and we’ll make that an all ages event. 12A means that under 12s can see it if a parent accompanies them. ALSO – Langley Boys has started Big Film Nights for families with just your idea in mind and it’s in our magnificent new big hall – we showed ‘The Woman in Black’ in Oct and ‘Elf’ in Dec and in March we’ll be showing ‘Skyfall’ – booking and details available here at We’re finding our way in terms of audience and types of films for both Filmbox and Big Film Night and seem to have hit the spot so far, but we’re reviewing what we show and when. We can’t compete with the high street/multiplex and so want to do something a little different. I hope that you can come to see one of shows soon.

Sorry – I meant to add that we probably don’t want to publicise more than 3 or 4 films at a time, to give us the chance to react to what’s coming out and indie cinemas like Everyman and Picturehouse groups are also the same. We’ve found that people have surprised themselves so far and have been encouraged to see films they might not usually go for and enjoyed them immensely. Eg many people came to our free launch of ‘The Artist’ and admitted afterwards that it hadn’t appealed when it came out, but they loved it. Likewise ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ was a risk as not many people had heard of it – but the laughter and smiles coming out of the cinema were priceless! So we very much hope that FILMBOX broadens people’s horizons. And our membership price means that even if you see only 4 of the coming 7 films, you’ll have broken even and still have spent less than at the cinema. OK – so that was the hard sell bit! Also – as you know we’re a not-for-profit venture and our surplus goes to charity.

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