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Stop working so hard…

…put down the iron, walk away from the computer, stop making Christmas lists/pretending Christmas doesn’t exist and come to the cinema instead!

Next Wednesday 21st November, do come and see ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ with us – we guarantee you’ll love this delightful and charming little film – go on, experiment!

See Moonrise Kingdom trailer:

Bring a friend, have a glass of wine and delicious free focaccia, hand-made by Stephen Harrington, a Beckenham-based bread-making tutor.

We’ll be raffling a token for a bread-making course (value £95) – what a great Christmas gift for someone special! Visit for course details.

Plus we have GREAT dreamy local ice cream, from Simply Ice Cream, the honeycomb flavour literally has bees buzzing all around it!

A ticket will only cost you £5 – incredible value, no parking charges and positively no colaslurpingpopcornmunching!

Ticket booking form is in the post below this – download, print and send. Online box office will be operational soon. See you soon!

While you’re here – do look around the website as we’ve been busy adding more info.  Please email us with any good links –

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Founded in September 2012 to provide a wider film programme than available in local commercial cinemas, at good value prices for grown-ups, with a sociable community atmosphere and a licensed bar. We are a not-for-profit community cinema with a membership, open to non-members too. Run by dedicated and energetic volunteers.